Heck of a ball game tonight as the Tigers came up short in the one game playoff with the Minnesota Twins.  Once again the Tigers were unable to capitalize on numerous scoring opportunities.  Too many times all season Detroit was unable to turn runners into runs.  Too many times they failed to score guys from 3rd with 1 or less outs.  I've really never seen anything like it.  Unable to even get the ball out of the infield with guys in scoring position.  Still they had chances to end the game.  Placido Polanco once again failed to make a routine play on a soft ball hit towards the 2nd base bag and failed to put ball in play with runners in scoring position, twice striking out.  The catcher Laird should not be on a roster.  Nothing he does behind the plate is worth having an automatic out every ssingle time he steps to the plate.  One would think a catcher would at least have a clue about the strike zone, but this guy almost goes down to one knee to swing at a obvious ball four with the bases loaded and pops out on a bunt attempt.  Nice job dumbass.  You would think he would accidently get a hit sometime, nope, not Gerald.  I have to add that Leyland seems to have no clue half the time.  Makes a lot of bad decisions during the course of the game.

Hats off to the Twins, go beat the Yankees!


Big Game

Huge game tonight for the Tigers as they try to hold off the Minnesota Twins. The boys had plenty of opportunity to put runs on the board they just couldn't get a hit with runners on base. Same story. Huff and Washburn sucks. They have done nothing to help. Huff at the plate is painful to watch. Twice he couldn't get the ball out of the infield with runners in scoring position. Nice wild pitches from Lyon. Tough Loss.

Verlander throws a gem and the Tiger bats get to the rookie in this must win game!



What a disappointing year this has been. We all came into the year with huge expectations. I guess we're all guilty. Everybody should have seen this coming. The Detroit Tigers have a terrible pitching staff and a few too many players without hearts. Its possible for Tigers baseball to finish last in the central, who would have thunk it!

Go Lions!



Another why Jim why? Miner pitching great tonigh and Jimbo takes him out after six innings. Tigers bullpen promptly go out and blow another one. This season is a lost cause. If the players don't screw it up the manager will. Its time to get back to blogging about the history of the Detroit Tigers baseball club and forget about this major league baseball fiasco.


7-28-08 Detroit vs Cleveland

Not a lot to say about this game. A terrible pitching performance by Kenny Rogers and a miserable performance from our hitters. Someone needs to remind Rogers that this is major league baseball and that garbage doesn't work. On the bright side Granderson had a decent game, Ordonez and Joyce had hits. Aquilino Lopez pitched 2.1 innings of 1 hit scoreless ball and the White Sox also lost so we didn't lose any ground. Another game with Cleveland tonight.


7-27-08 Detroit vs Chicago

Six strong innings from Zack Miner and a new closer for Detroit may just be what the doctor ordered for Detroit Tigers baseball. In a must win game the Tigers showed true character and some timely hitting to get within 6 1/2 games of the Central Division lead. Home runs by Granderson and Thames, RBIs by Granderson, Ordonez, Cabrera, Thames, and Renteria propelled the Tigers to their 53rd win of the season, more importantly it saved them from what would have been a crushing sweep at the hands of the division leading Chicago White Sox. Next up the Cleveland Indians. Lets see if we can build on the big win yesterday!


7-26-08 Detroit vs Chicago

Not the kind of pitching performance I (or the Tigers) was expecting from Justin Verlander (4 innings, 9 hits, 7 runs, 110 pitches, 2 home runs). The bullpen came through with 5 scoreless innings. The Tigers almost came back but could not get the one big hit they needed. Granderson, Ordonez, and Renteria all had mutiple hits. Ordonez and Sheffield hit homers. 7 1/2 games behind the White Sox and we need a win today. Getting swept by the Sox is not on the best interest of the Detroit Tigers in their quest to win the Central Division. Zack Miner takes the mound today in a must win game. Major League Baseball is a funny game, just when a team thinks their turning it around they get smacked in the head by a baseball bat and brought back down to earth. Today's game will show a lot about the character of the Detroit Tigers baseball club, I hope it shows we have some fight left in us!


7-25-08 Detroit vs Chicago

Wake me up from this nightmare! Game in the bag against the division winner and Todd Jones blows the save in the ninth inning. You have got to be kidding me. A great ball game wasted by one of the worst closers in the game. I believe it's time the Detroit Tigers make a change in the closer role. Give Fernando Rodney (been throwing lights out as of late) a chance in the ninth. He can't do any worse than Jones (3 0f last 7 chances blown). Rather than sitting 3 1/2 games behind the Sox the Tigers ball club is 6 1/2 behind and had their hearts ripped out last night. A quality start by Nate Robertson wasted. Once again Detroit hit the baseball well, although they wasted a few chances. Carlos Guillen had a huge homer in the seventh only to be outdone with Jermaine Dye's bomb in the ninth. Justin Verlander takes the mound today with Detroit Tigers baseball needing a big outing to get back into this pennant race. The baseball schedule favors Detroit the rest of the season, they just have to capitalize.


7-23-08 Detroit vs Kansas City

Another victory for the Tigers. 33-6 combined series score! As dominate a series as you will see in Major League Baseball. Armando Galarraga carried a perfect game into the 7th inning, retiring the first 18 batters, finishing with seven innings pitched, 7 strikeouts, and giving up only one run and three hits. Strong games from most everybody, with Cabrera and Ordonez leading the way with five combined RBIs. Still 5 1/2 ganes back as the Chicago White Sox came back from 5 down in the 8th inning to win the game. The club has Thursday off before welcoming the Chicago White Sox to the ball park for a 3 game weekend series. Let the games begin!

7-22-08 Detroit vs Kansas City

The Royals have been just what the doctor ordered for Tigers baseball. A strong outing by Kenny Rogers (6 ip, 1 run, 4 k's) and the bullpen results in a 7-1 beat down of Kansas City. Strong games from Polanco and Ordonez, both with multiple hits and RBIs. 5 1/2 back, if the pitching continues to be competitve the Tigers have a good shot at winning the central division.